orientation, scale and finding charts

Pedro Gomez 4 years ago updated by ESASky Team 3 years ago 2

I use EsaSky (among others) to prepare ground-based observations. At Phase II you can provided a finding chart for the resident astronomer to use. The usually ask for the N and E direction and the scale.

The scale could be ala Google maps in with you represent 1 arcdeg, 1 arcmin, 1 arcsec depending on the scale you have selected.

N and E directions should be particularly useful if a previous ticket, regarding FoV rotation and inversion is implemented.

The capability of generating a finding chart without menus, etc would be also extremely useful.

Dear Pedro,

since version 3.2, you can overlay a coordinate grid on the field of view. It is also possible to take a screenshot with all the overlays. While this is still not what you are asking for, we hope you find it useful. We will keep working toward implementing your suggestion.

Please note also that the size of the FoV is now provided as RAxDEC.




Dear Pedro,

Many thanks for feedback. We've had similar requests to add a scale and / or a grid and we'll therefor increase the priority of this in our backlog.

If I understand correctly your last sentence, you can take a screenshot of ESASky using the screenshot icon, which removes the menus and data panels but keeps the footprints / sources / background image etc.

Kind regards,

Deborah, on behalf of the ESASky team