"Sources in chosen area" tag hides the selected source

Pedro Gomez 2 years ago updated by Deborah Baines 2 months ago 3

When having a catalog active and you update the FOV, the "Sources in chosen area" tag that displays the number of observations in the current area hides the catalog source that is currently selected with is a little annoying.


Dear Pedro,

It's now possible to resize or minimise both the data panel and the tree map window, and in the next version about to be released, it's possible to move many other windows around. I hope this solves the issue you were having?

Many thanks and regards,


Dear Pedro,

Would you for example like to be able to minimise and maximise the menu of icons? Please send a screenshot of the issue if I haven't understood it correctly.

Kind regards,

Deborah, on behalf of the ESASky team