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Filtering the publications does not update the symbols on image

Becky Brown 4 years ago updated by Deborah Baines 3 years ago 3

I tried looking for publications on a crowded region like e.g. M31, and when I filtered the list of publications by e.g. journal, I got just 6 publications, but the number of academic hats in the display were not modified, while I would have expected that, just like with the observation footprints, only those objects from the filtered observations would have remained.. Is it possible to do that?


Thanks! you are right..

Satisfaction mark by Becky Brown 3 years ago

Hi Debbie,

Good point! of course.. I was confused for a moment.. indeed. it makes sense how it works..


Dear Becky,

In order to load the publications information in the lower panel (and to be able to filter a column), you are already selecting just one object. If ESASky then modifies the number of hats in the display, it will only be 1: the 1 object you selected.

Perhaps what ESASky needs is that the user can chose to load the publications from all the objects highlighted, by academic hats, in the field, and then filter on these? Then an update on the number of academic hats displayed would make sense. However, please note that currently ESASky has a limit of 3000 on the number of papers that can be displayed and sorted in the results table. 

Kind regards,

Debbie, on behalf of the ESASky team