"Explore observations for this region" does not work if the object is not in the center of the image FOV

Nora Loiseau 4 years ago updated by Deborah Baines 2 years ago 4


Search: NGC6221, click on "Explore observations for this region". The XMM observations are not shown until one expands the FoV up to about 24' , which is the 2xdistance from NGC 6221 to the center of the XMM observations (e.g. 0690580101)

Dear Nora,

This issue is fixed. Many thanks for reporting it and let us know if you still see any problems.

Kind regards,


on behalf of the ESASky team

Dear Nora,

Many thanks for informing us, this looks to be a bug that we will try to fix as soon as possible. We'll get back to you once it's fixed.

Kind regards,

Deborah on behalf of the ESASky team