Colour palette possibly works in an incorrect way

JareelSkaj 3 years ago updated by Deborah Baines 2 years ago 4


  • Optical - DSS2 color - change Color Pallete from Native to Greyscale

Expected result: Greyscale equivalent of the current, color image image

Actual result: White screen

If that's a feature, not a bug, I'd recommend changing Color Pallete drop-down to gray-out options which do not have any actual data in them.

Dear Jareel,

thank you for your interest in ESASky. I have just reproduced your workflow and it works fine for me: When I switch to greyscale, I see the map in greyscale. Can you tell us which operative system and browser are you using so that our engineers have more info to research the issue?



Firefox 67.0.4, Windows 10. I just checked, and it works fine on Chrome and Edge

Dear Jareel,

Thank you for reporting these issues. The white screen is definitely not a feature. However, I’m not able to reproduce the problem on my Firefox 67.0.4 (Windows 10).

Would you mind disabling all firefox add-ons and trying again? If the issue persists, please try an incognito window (also with no add-ons).


Henrik on behalf of the ESASky team