FOV indicator in top left corner

Sebastien Guillot 1 year ago updated by Becky Brown 2 months ago 7


If I rescale the size of the web browser window (without zooming in/out), I would expect the FOV value in the top left corner to change since I am viewing a different portion of the sky, but this is not the case. So, it is not readily obvious what this FOV value corresponds to. Perhaps being able to toggle on/off a circle with diameter equal to the FOV value would be easy to implement.


Brilliant ! Thanks very much !

Dear all,

we are happy to announce that in the last release (ESASky 3.2) you have the possibility to overlay a coordinate grid. The FoV is now indicated as RAxDEC. Hopefully this is more informative of the size of the FoV you are visualising.



I love the high res DSS but is there a way to add my scopes FOV for imaging various targets?  I find so many interesting areas but have no idea of size in my frame. 


Under review

Dear Ron,

Currently this functionality you describe isn't available in ESASky. However, in our next release (this month!) we are adding a Grid that you can switch on and off on top of the sky. Here's a screenshot on the Christmas Tree cluster:

Let us know if this will be enough for you to work out your telescopes FOV.

Kind regards,


Dear Sebastien and Becky,

yes, that's it, Becky got it right: The image is resized to the new window dimensions. Admittedly, it is not completely obvious and we will have to think of a way to improve this.

Thank you for your feedback,


Hi Sebastien,

I think that the FoV does not change because the image is resized to fit into the new dimensions of the browser window, so it seems correct from my point of view..