suggestions on features to add

Oleg Kargaltsev 12 months ago updated by Deborah Baines 11 months ago 3

EsaSky is getting better and better! Great job!

Suggested additions:

1. Swift XRT and UVOT images

2. Toggle on/off Galactic/Equatorial coordinate grid

3. Ability to change the view in the webpage so that Galactic equator is horizontal

4. Show not only equatorial but also Galactic coordinates of the crosshair in the corner

Oleg Kargaltsev

Under review

Dear Oleg,

I'm pleased to tell you that you can access SWIFT UVOT images in ESASky through our external TAP button (7th button at on the top left of the interface). If you click on the external TAP button, then select 'MAST' -> 'cubes' -> 'Swift', you'll then load up the metadata and footprints from SWIFT coming directly from MAST/STScI. You can download the data by clicking on the download button in the third column called 'Access URL' Please note that these data, contrary to those offered via the images, spectra and catalogues buttons, have not been curated by the ESASky team. Instead they are published by MAST and ESASky is accessing their TAP (Table Access Protocol) service. Currently it looks like the MAST TAP is only providing UVOT data.

Here's a quick screenshot:

More information can be found in our documentation: https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/esdc/esasky-interface#EXTTAP

And in this video:  

Many thanks for your feedback and let us know if there's anything else we can help with!

Kind regards,

Debbie, on behalf of the ESASky Team

Dear Oleg,

thank you for your suggestions. We will consider adding the data you propose.

Regarding the rest of items, I am not sure that you are aware that you can change the coordinate frame from equatorial J2000 to galactic with the drop-down menu on the top left corner. In doing so, the coordinates indicated on the top bar change to galactic, the Galactic plane automatically gets horizontal (you can check this by zooming out to a large field-of-view), and the grid is displayed in galactic coordinates. 

Please note that if you are using the galactic coordinate frame, all coordinates you enter, either in the search box on the top right or in a target list, will be interpreted as galactic. You will get an error if the coordinates are given in sexagesimal format, as this is not used with galactic coordinates. Also, in the case of target lists, the coordinates are read once, so if you later change to J2000, still they will be interpreted as galactic.

You'll find more information here (and links therein):



Best wishes,