a bug in querying target by using different form of coordinates in ESASky

Ming Yang 10 months ago updated by Deborah Baines 2 months ago 5

Dear whom it may concern, I just found out that there might be a bug in querying target by using different form of coordinates. For example, if I use the name of NGC291 or sexagesimal coordiante of 00:53:29.931-08:46:03.48, ESASky shows correct image of the target. However, if I use the decimal coordiante of 13.374713 -08.767633, ESASky shows incorrect field without target in the FOV. Could you check it please? Thanks~

Satisfaction mark by Ming Yang 2 months ago

Dear Ming Yang,

We have released a new version of ESASky and the issue typing RA has been fixed. You should now find that coordinates  13.374713 -08.767633  take you to the same place in the sky as coordinates 00:53:29.931-08:46:03.48. Let us know if you find any issues and many thanks for reporting this.

Kind regards,

On behalf of the ESASky Team

Dear Ming Yang,

This issue is about to be fixed in the next version of ESASky which is planned for release in mid September.

Many thanks,



Dear Ming Yang,

Thanks for pointing this out. Currently in ESASky the decimal coordinates require three numbers before the decimal point, e.g. 013.374713 -08.767633  goes to the correct target. Otherwise ESASky interprets the first coordinate as RA in 'decimal' hours, but probably we should assume 13.374713 -08.767633 is decimal, and if users want hours then they specify it as 13.374713h -08.767633d.

We'll make the change and let you know when it's updated!

Many thanks and regards,

Deborah, on behalf of the ESASky team