missing HST ACS background in certain region

Bruno Merín 2 years ago updated by Simple Jack 2 years ago 2

We got a question about an interesting object in this image in asteroidhunter.org:


When I went with  ESASky to the region to visualise the observation and plot the objects for which there are publications, I discovered that the ACS HiPS background image does not show anything in the position of that observation. Then I realise that it is an observation from 2016 and the HST HiPS were done in August 2015. But then this means that we are now close to five years outdated in these HiPS. Is there a way to re-create them with all the public observations from August 2015 until 2019?


Dear Bruno,

Thank you for reporting this. We are working with the HST team to produce updated HST HiPS and expose them in ESASky as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


Besides the issue above, we identified a nice protoplanetary disk in the asteroidhunter.org zooniverse project here:


and when I try to search for this interesting object in ESASky, I cannot see the image in the WFC3 HiPS, even if the observation was done in January 2015..