Gaia Source names

Stefanie Raetz 2 years ago updated by Becky Brown 2 years ago 2

The GaiaDR2 Source Names are so long that all my programs can only deal with them as strings. In ESASky 3.4 they were displayed correctly in full length in the calatog window but not on the popup when clicking on a star. Now with the updated version the correct name is neither shown in the catalog view nor in the pop window. The Name in the catalog window has nothing to do with the source name. Where can I find to correct Gaia names? As an example my target GaiaDR2 0530685166960018816 is shown in the popup as 530685166960018800 and in the catalog as 3 704 192. What does that number even mean?

Satisfaction mark by Stefanie Raetz 2 years ago

Thanks Debbie, that's great, but would it be possible to also search now by Gaia source ID name?


Dear Stefanie,

Many thanks for reporting this bug to us. We've just fixed the issue now and you should see the correct name in ESASky when you reload the tool. In our next release we will add the full designation in the name column, with 'GaiaDR2' at the beginning of the name. 

Kind regards,

Deborah on behalf of the ESASky team