Gaia EDR3 SIMBAD coordinate for SIMBAD

Andy Pollock 10 months ago updated by ESASky Team 10 months ago 3

One of ESASky's many excellent features is the dialogue box shown for an object in a Gaia EDR3 catalogue overlay on some other sky which generates, for example, a SIMBAD query. The query generated e.g.


specifies coordinates to 3 significant figures. This is not enough to have the correct star at the top of the resultant list in a crowded field. Another couple of figures would probably do the trick.


Dear Andy,

Today we have released ESASky 4.0 and this problem has been fixed in the new version.

Thanks for using ESASky and please keep informing us about any issues you might find.


Nuria Álvarez on behalf of the ESASky team 

Hi Andy,

Indeed, that is an oversight from our side. I'll try to squeeze in some more digits for next week's release.

Thanks for notifying us about issues like this!


Henrik Norman on behalf of the ESASky team

"Gaia EDR3 coordinates for SIMBAD"should have been the title.