No object names available, and www.cosmos.esa.int help function is not working, offline.

Millennium Twain 5 months ago updated by Deborah Baines 4 months ago 5

Zooming in and clicking or double-clicking on an object (viz. when viewing M87) does not result in the name, or any name, being displayed. Right-clicking also does not yield a name, only a list of catalogs to consult for the area.

Hi, for your question regarding searching for types of objects, that indeed is not possible currently in ESASky. We have been asked this before and are looking at possible options. Currently, you'd need to know a catalogue/table to use to search for a particular type of object, or to create your own list and load it up in ESASky using the 'Manage list of targets' icon in the search field (and in explorer mode, the 3rd icon on the left). We do also have curated lists of some types of objects (also in Manage list of targets), but these are only a small sample.

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Thank you, Debbie,

Yes, I right-clicked and went through all catalogs there,

and found the name of the Quasar (RMB 147) I was looking at.

And I am slowly learning the (infinite cosmic) details of ESA Sky.

And did, today, find that the help page is working:


And am now exploring the Interface page:


And subsequent to my posting of the question below, I have

shared the ESA Sky Intl announcement and link with thousands

more on Twitter and Facebook. [To overwhelming applause for it!]

One more question today, relevant to my current 'search interests'

for which I received a negative reply from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey


How do we, or can we, select the TYPE of object to be displayed, and

thus searched for, in ESA Sky? At this time I just want to visually scan the sky

map for all known, observed, imaged, etc. Quasars, QSOs. Then pick and

download imagery from specific ones, as well as look up their databases.

Can I tell ESA Sky to display only Quasars, or Galaxies, or Globular Clusters,

or Open Clusters, etc. for viewing and study?

Otherwise I can post this as a separate question for the ESA Sky Volunteers.

For a Global World Cultural and Science Renaissance, of Collaboration.


Will be answered

Dear Millennium Twain,

Many thanks for your suggestion, it is indeed a very good idea to make the identification of objects far easier for our ESASky users. Currently it's not so obvious, you right click and select one of the name resolvers (SIMBAD or NED), but these are mainly used by professional astronomers and therefore are not necessarily known by all our users. 

We will add your suggestion to our backlog list and let you know when it is available.

And many thanks for sharing your tweet in twitter!

Best regards,

Debbie, on behalf of the ESASky team

I saw an announcement of ESA Sky on Twitter a few days ago, and have since shared my first observation, and the https://sky.esa.int/ link with several thousand viewers on Twitter and Facebook. Will share with thousands more in the days ahead ...

"Thank you Team Gaia, and All of our Global Astronomy & Astrophysics Team Members actively Contributing to 3D and 4D Global Public, Educator & Scientist Access to All Astrophysical Imagery and Data!"