Sharing link does not keep the HST outreach image anymore

Bruno Merín 4 months ago updated by Deborah Baines 4 months ago 3

I visited a nice HST outreach image, and then clicked on the share button to copy the URL but when I paste it in another browser I do not see the HST outreach image anymore. This used to work before I am not mistaken..


Great work!

Satisfaction mark by Bruno Merín 4 months ago

Dear Bruno, 

I'm glad it's working for you now. The share link should always have the HST image name in the URL, as it does in the link you sent '&hst_image=heic2205a'. 

We'll investigate if we can find any issue a few days ago.

Many thanks,



Thanks Debbie,

This was the link that failed to export the nice HST outreach image when I pasted it in another browser tab:


Although it seems to be working well now.. I do not understand very well why the outreach image was not coming up two days ago.. Maybe i did something wrong.. But this seems to be fixed now.

Thanks anyway for the amazing feature !

Under review

Dear Bruno,

Thanks for telling us about the bug. This feature is working for me, therefore could you tell us the HST image that wasn't being shared? And any other details that may help.

Best regards,