The sky appears to hide the top left search icons in Safari 15.4

Salim Ansari 3 months ago updated by Deborah Baines 2 weeks ago 5


I just noticed that the search icons are hidden when I open the Sky map. Only if I completely zoom out they appear again. I am using Safari 15.4


Dear Deborah,

thank you so much for looking into this. Yes, I confirm that with Safari v15.6, the problem seems to be solved.

Thanks a lot, Salim

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Dear Salim,

Please find the research performed by some of our software engineers looking into the problem: After some research, we have concluded the issue with the upper icons hidden only appears in Safari v15.4 and 15.5 (working in v15.2). It was a known bug in iOS and Safari, reported by many users and affecting not only ESASky, but also many other web applications. Fortunately, Apple have already fixed it in v15.6, which has just been released. 

Therefore, if / when you update your Safari to the latest version, everything should work as expected. Let us know if there are still issues. 

Sorry for the inconvenience this bug has caused and many thanks for reporting it!

Kind regards,

Deborah, on behalf of the ESASky team 

Dear Salim,

Yes, this will help. We'll let you know when we've fixed the problem.

Thanks again,


Hi Deborah,

I have the latest version of MacOS: 12.3.1

Hop this helps,



Dear Salim,

Many thanks for telling us about this bug. I've an older version of safari in my mac and I haven't seen the. issue. Can you also tell us which operating system you are using and we'll get to work to fix the bug asap?

Many thanks and regards,


FYI, same thing happens for me. 

OS 12.4, Safari 15.5.

Started happening around the 4.0 release. Works fine on Chrome.