Vizier catalogue overlay (for Herschel Galactic Plane data)

Roland Vavrek 5 years ago updated by Deborah Baines 1 year ago 2

The Hi-Gal Consortium public database provides an incremental access to compact source catalogues through Vizier (http://vizier.u-strasbg.fr/viz-bin/VizieR-3?-source=J/A%2bA/591/A149&-out.max=50&-out.form=HTML%20Table&-out.add=_r&-out.add=_RAJ,_DEJ&-sort=_r&-oc.form=sexa) as well as through the Vialactea Project web-interface (http://tools.asdc.asi.it/HiGAL.jsp).

It would be a useful scientific tool and a great added value if EsaSky can provide a capability to overlay catalogues on background intensity maps. The interwoven structure of filaments Herschel resolves in large-scale images are well correlated with locations of starless and star forming cores. An overlay functionality could guide scientist to identify 'interesting' areas for follow-up studies. Filtering of overlaid sources based on catalogued observables (colours, photometry, size, shape parameters etc.) could further enhance the science use of such functionality.


Dear Roland,

Just an update, it is now possible to overlay user catalogues and catalogues from VizeiR using the Jupyter widget pyESASky, within a notebook. Filtering of the loaded columns is also possible. An example doing this can be found in the following notebook: https://github.com/esdc-esac-esa-int/pyesasky/blob/master/samples/What_can_you_do_with_pyESASky.ipynb

And see the accompanying video:

Finally, information on installing pyESASky can be found here: 


We'll let you know when it's possible to query and upload user catalogues and VizieR catalogues in ESASky. 

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Under review

Thanks very much for idea Roland, we have created a user story to look into the inclusion of any Vizier catalogue into ESASky. This would satisfy your first requirement (i.e. being able to overplot that Vizier catalogue from HiGAL on top of any image in ESASky). The second idea, i.e. allowing filtering or customization of catalogue display using other columns than position, requires brainstorming and/or further refinement. Could you please give us examples of the types more advance visualizations of catalogues that you would like to do with e.g. the HiGAL catalogues?