Allow the integration of ESASky in a jupyter notebook

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It would be great to be able to instantiate ESASky in a window inside a jupyter or jupyter lab notebook such that users can inspect data on it, make modification to either images, spectra or catalogues and plot things in real time in ESASky.

Here you can find a similar functionality already available for Aladin Lite: https://github.com/cds-astro/ipyaladin


fantastic! Thanks so much!

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Thanks Jonas!

For reference to others, the pyESASky 1.0 software is available for download at


The whole idea behind this project is precisely to allow people mixing their local data or data in any online service with what is is in ESASky already. Let us know whether this might be not be working fine for you for any reason.

We know about the JupyterLab problem and Fabrizio is looking into this now..


I just gave the early version a spin. Very neat, bravo! 

I am looking forward to play with it some more - I am especially curious to see how one can use it in tandem with local data.

Two things which tripped me up during installation:

  • I overlooked the requirement for npm/Node.js in the instructions, perhaps make that a bit bigger ;-)
  • At least for me it does not work in Jupyter lab, just in the classic notebooks, so that should probably be mentioned.





Dear Becky,

Thanks for the suggestion. It is indeed a great idea and we had thought about it already, although had not really started looking into how to make it possible for real.. I have created an internal action to look into this. You will get an answer once it is operational.