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Hi, thanks, now I understand a lot better. Indeed, there is an import option in APT that probably could be used to do what you suggest. That indeed a very good idea.

Hi Alessandra,

Very good suggestion: but what exactly would you like to recover at a later time with that export file?

Thanks for the suggestion, we have already heard it several times, so it will go up in our priority list. 8)

Thanks Ricardo,

We have already fixed the documentation and the column in the application will be updated with version 2.0, to be released on the 24th of October of 2017.



Something to be discussed in the context of version 3.0, to be released next year.

Thanks Nora, that is known bug produced by a change in the URL of the original map. We plan to fix that soon. We will let you know once it is done.

Thanks for the info Nora, we will fix this asap and let you know here..

Thanks Nora, 

We have added the idea to the backlog and will hopefully have it ready soon. We will let you know!

Thanks very much for idea Roland, we have created a user story to look into the inclusion of any Vizier catalogue into ESASky. This would satisfy your first requirement (i.e. being able to overplot that Vizier catalogue from HiGAL on top of any image in ESASky). The second idea, i.e. allowing filtering or customization of catalogue display using other columns than position, requires brainstorming and/or further refinement. Could you please give us examples of the types more advance visualizations of catalogues that you would like to do with e.g. the HiGAL catalogues?

Dear Fab,

That is indeed in the mid-term plan, the first beta of which can be released not earlier than the end of the year.