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A first prototype of this functionality has been planned and will be demoed at the Asteroids, Comets and Meters conference in Montevideo (10 - 14 April 2017).

The filtering is already described in our ticket (internal), which we will plan in a sprint soon. Whenever it's done, you will see this thread marked as done.

Thanks Peter, could you give us some example of an observatory that publishes their future planning to look into it?

Thanks Peter, that is a good suggestion. We will add this to the backlog and discuss with you a possible incremental implementation of this feature that can see the light earlier than the full idea..

Thanks, then we will likely implement first the filtering one..

We are currently working on a filtering capability that would allow you to search for all Herschel images and then filter the PACS ones only. Would you like that or would you prefer that the infrared histogram bar could split into the different instruments at some point?