Visualize the postcards on top of the backgroun image

Becky Brown 5 years ago updated by Belén López Martí 4 years ago 1

Hi again,

I have been trying to identify a super nova in ESA Sky and I cannot localize the archival images where the SN is because when I explore the browse products, they do not appear superimposedon the background image with the correct rotation but instead they appear as extra windows on top witha default orientation. Would it be possible to have the images appear on top of the background image with the correct rotation angle and size? That would make the exploration of imaging data actually possible on the interface, currently one just has to end downloading all the images and doing the work offline in ds9, which is not so great because then you loose the possibility of overplotting catalogues, publications, etc..

Do you think this would be possible?


Dear Becky,

thank you for your suggestion. We are working on improving the visualisation functionalities and hope to be able to offer this particular functionality soon. We will let you know when it is available.