Allow to search by Kepler TOI ID (target Of Interest)

Becky Brown 4 years ago updated by Deborah Baines 4 years ago 3

It would be great whether ESASky would allow to search by Target Of Interest ID from the Kepler and TESS missions.

Thanks Debbie !

That's brilliant ! And I just also discovered that I can even find the Kepler time-series from any of these objects in your external TAP feature so great job !

Under review

Dear Becky,

The search field in ESASky finds all astronomical object names that are within the CDS SIMBAD name resolver service. There are TESS and Kepler objects of interest available in SIMBAD which can be found in ESASky, for example: 




TOI 1338

TOI 700

I hope this answers your question or was there a particular example you couldn't find?

Best regards,