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make a word-cloud per source with text from abstracts from ADS

Becky Brown 4 years ago updated by Deborah Baines 4 years ago 1

Hi guys,

No matter how much I love the publications feature in ESASky, I have noticed that it really gets hard to figure out quickly what has been published about a source unless you really go through the full list of papers, so I wondered whether it would be possible to create a word-cloud figure out of the titles, authors and abstracts of the papers found for a given source and show it to the users to give them a visual impression about what the literature says about that source (maybe as a tooltip on top of a academic hat icon in the sky?). I know that ADS does these wordclouds with collections of papers so there might be libraries that allow to create these word-clouds fast with a bunch of text as input..

Many thanks again for the great work. Everyone I show the application to loves it. 8)


Under review

Dear Becky,

Many thanks for the suggestion! I've put it in our backlog and we'll investigate if it's technically possible to do or if special access to ADS is needed. 

Kind regards,

Deborah on behalf of the ESASky team