Would it be possible to add any HiPS map from any URL to the tool?

Becky Brown 3 years ago updated by ESASky Team 3 years ago 3


Congratulations on the tool. I find it very very useful.

I recently discovered a huge list of HiPS maps produced by the Centre de Donnees Astronomiques from Strasbourg (https://aladin.u-strasbg.fr/hips/list) and I wondered whether it would be possible to load any of those maps in ESASky by providing the URL of the HiPS, as listed in the website or in any other even easier way. That would allow a lot more discoveries to be made using those maps, which currently only can be seen in Aladin Desktop I think.


Dear Becky,

The ESASky team has implemented your suggestion in 3.9 release of ESASky. From this version onwards, from skies it is possible to add a HiPS generated by the ESASky team like for previews versions (Add new row), and now you can load a HiPS from an URL (HiPS from URL), from your local repository (HiPS from your computer) or browse a HiPS registry for globally available HiPS (Browse HiPS registry):

Kind regards,

The ESASky Team

Thanks Debbie,

That's great, but I really would prefer to be able to load these other maps in the GUI, since having to open and configure a jupyter notebook just to be able to explore quickly which available data there is for a particular source might be a bit too cumbersome to some people like myself.. ;)

So thanks in advance if you could make that also part of the main application eventually and congratulations again on a fantastic tool for data exploration !



Dear Becky,

Many thanks for your suggestion. We already plan to add this feature to ESASky in the near future and will try to increase it in our priorities list. 

If you use python and Jupyter notebooks, you might be interested that you can already do this within the Jupyter widget pyESASky and the command: esasky.addHiPS.  E.g. to load PanSTARRS DR1 color-i-r-g use the command:

esasky.addHiPS("PanSTARRS DR1 color-i-r-g", "https://alasky.u-strasbg.fr/Pan-STARRS/DR1/color-i-r-g/")

Currently it just works for HiPS with one of the formats as jpeg. A fix is about to be added to pyESASky so it can also load HiPS with fits or png formats only. 

See here for all information on pyESASky and how to install it: https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/esdc/pyesasky

Notebook examples can be found here: https://github.com/esdc-esac-esa-int/pyesasky/tree/master/samples

And a video here: