Could you add the Panstarrs sky-map to ESASky ?

Becky Brown 3 years ago updated by ESASky Team 2 years ago 3

Would it be possible to add the PanSTARRS DR1 color map from CDS (http://alasky.u-strasbg.fr/Pan-STARRS/DR1/color-i-r-g/) to the tool? It seems to me that it has a wide sky coverage and substantially better image quality than DSS-2 so it would be great to be able to use it as optical background for most investiations in the tool, although unfortuantely it is not available.


Thanks Nuria,

It is great to see the Panstarrs sky-map in ESASky and the feature to add any other skymap either from your hard-disk or from a URL is also great. Congratulations.

Thanks so much for listening to all these requests. ESASky has become my go-to website for searching for astronomical data already since a few years and knowing that is actively maintained is reassuring.

Best regards,


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Dear Becky,

The ESASky v.4.0 has been recently launched, and the HiPS map PanSTARRS DR1 color (i,r,g) has been added. Go to  Select Sky, choose Optical and there you will find it. Additionally, since ESASky v.3.9 it is possible to add a HiPS map from your computer or choose a HiPS map from the Global HiPS registry.

Thank you very much for your suggestions.

Best regards,

Nuria Álvarez on behalf of the ESASky team


Thanks Debbie, that is very much appreciated.


Dear Becky,

Many thanks for your suggestion. We are currently looking into the options of including very large sky maps (HiPS) to ESASky that are currently not available, and PanSTARRS is certainly one of the most important to include.

We'll let you know when this has been added.

Many thanks and regards,

Deborah, on behalf of the ESASky team