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Source error regions

Andy Pollock 1 year ago updated by Deborah Baines 1 year ago 1

It would be very useful at least to have an option to plot catalogue sources with symbols the size of the error region (or source extent) . For instance, when comparing XMM and Chandra source lists of the same region, this would give a good idea of how well they agree.

Under review

Dear Andy,

Many thanks for your suggestion and good to hear from you! Yes, we agree this would be a great feature to add to ESASky and we will include it to our backlog list.

Depending on the catalogue, it may require expert knowledge, or at least feedback from the catalogue experts, since each catalogue and mission provide different types of columns and errors. My question to you is, do you know the columns in the Chandra and XMM catalogues that you would use, or that you are indeed using now, to compute the size of the error region? I see that CSC2 provides columns for the major and minor radius of error ellipse (in arcsec) and the position angle error ellipse (in degrees), however 4XMM-DR12 has different columns.

Many thanks and I’m happy you’re still using ESASky!