Gaia Proper Motion display formats

Andy Pollock 10 months ago updated by Deborah Baines 9 months ago 2

The format of Gaia DR3 columns has changed recently as shown in the attached screenshot so that, for example, "Proper Motion in RA" is shown in the HH MM SS format usual for RA proper. This doesn't make much sense and I don't think it's me. The same applies to "Proper Motion in Dec" and both their errors.

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 16.10.25.png


Dear Andy,

We've released the latest version of ESASky today and I'm happy to say we've fixed the bug you reported to us. Proper motion columns are correct again:

Image 107


Many thanks for reporting this to us!

Best regards,

Debbie on behalf of the ESASky team


Dear Andy,

This is indeed a bug that we are fixing as fast as possible, many thanks for telling us about it! 

If you click on the coordinates shown in the top left, this will change the values to decimal. It wrongly has a degree sign, please ignore, however, the values shown in ESASky are the correct values, in mas/yr, for the proper motions and errors (these columns are wrongly copying the functionality we have for the RA and DEC columns).

We'll let you know when we've fixed this.

Many thanks and best regards!