define overlays (e.g. cone search regions) via URL parameters

Astro-COLIBRI 5 months ago updated by Deborah Baines 5 months ago 3


it would be great if you could add optional paramters to the URL that allow to define sky regions around the central position. This would allow to load ESASky centered on a position (e.g. the best fit location of a new, possibly transient, source) AND show the uncertainty of this best fit position. This is exremely helpful to find possible MWL counterparts to the new source.

In Aladin Lite this feature is available via the use of overlays directly in the URL. An example (defining a circular region of radius 1.5deg): 

https://aladin.cds.unistra.fr/AladinLite/?overlays=[{ "type": "graphic", "name": "uncertainty", "color": "darkgrey", "lineWidth": 4, "items": [ { "type": "circle", "ra": 288.4037, "dec": 0.3537, "radius": 1.5 } ]}]&target=19 13 36.89+0 21 13.32&fov=63.4675

Thanks a lot for your great work on ESASky!

Fabian (on behalf of the Astro-COLIBRI team)

Hi Fabian,

Thanks for the suggestion! We'll look into adding this functionality via the URL parameters.

For now, ESASky only allows overlays to be added via the JavaScript API. To be able to use the JavaScript API, you also have to embed ESASky in an iframe instead of a link, which may not be a perfect solution for you.


Henrik Norman 

ESASky team


Thanks for the information! We hadn't looked into the API in detail yet. Very cool.

But yeah, in general we prefer to launch ESASky in a dedicated browser window via a link (similar to to all other platforms we link to).