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"Publications" not working/Sat shadows in ESAsky

Dakota 8 months ago updated by Deborah Baines 8 months ago 1

Today I can't seem to get the "Publications" result to yield anything. Its hung up in an endless loading cycle. I've cleared cookies, caches, switched browsers. There also appear to be some strange shadows and tinting that look to be being caused by externals on a satellite.

GALJ2000GALJG223.5904988 -08.6562613FoV: 9.6° X 4.8°DSS2 color ; is one such example.

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I'm afraid I can't reproduce the issue you are having with the Publications feature, I'm trying in the region you gave GAL 223.5904988 -08.6562613 with almost the same field of view: 9.6° X 4.8° (see image below). Perhaps you experienced a connection error between ESASky and the service we use to collect the publication data? Can you try again and if you're still having this issue, please provide us with a few more details (your operating system and the browsers you are trying).:

Image 114

Regarding the blue shadows you see in the background image, these are indeed instrumental. The colour image you see in the background of ESASky comes from the second Digitized Sky Survey (DSS2), which is a digitized version of several photographic ground-based surveys of the sky, produced by the Space Telescope Science Institute between 1983 and 2006. The colour background (HiPS) in ESASky was created by the Strasboug astronomical Data Center (CDS) by combining the three DSS2 filters in the red, blue and infrared. What you're seeing here looks like a reflection of part of the telescope instrumentation in the blue filter images. 

Another user had a similar question about a different strange artifact in the same background sky, which might help answer your question: https://esdc.userecho.com/communities/1/topics/222-curious-as-to-what-this-is

Many thanks for contacting us and for using ESASky!

Kind regards,

Deborah on behalf of the ESASky team