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Add the ART-XC sky survey :)

Fanfan 2 weeks ago updated by Deborah Baines 2 weeks ago 1

So you recently added the eROSITA eRASS1 sky survey because you guys are amazing,

but I was wondering if you could also add the newly released ART-XC sky survey.

The ART-XC xray telescope is related but is not the same as eROSITA and both are complementary

Here is the latest release https://arxiv.org/abs/2405.09184

Under review

Dear Fanfan,

Many thanks for your suggestion, we'll add it to our list. Please also note that as soon as this catalogue is available in VizieR, it can also be loaded in ESASky by doing the following: 

Select the 5th icon from the left (the External Data Centres button), then click the VizieR tab and search for the catalogue in the top field that says 'Query TAP filters'. If you untoggle the FoV restricted button you'll be able to download all sources in the catalogue (if they are below 10,000 sources, otherwise it's the first 10,000). Click on the 'Open table' button to the left of the catalogue, in the column titled 'Open'. Here's an example for the SRG/ART-XC 1st year all-sky X-ray survey:

Image 121

Kind regards,

Deborah on behalf of the ESASky team