Tagging cursor position on load via URL

John Murrell 4 years ago updated by Fab 3 years ago 3

It would be useful to to be able to tag (label) the cursor position with a label when ESASky is opened via a URL in a similar way that positions can be tagged in the full version of Aladin.

The image shows the result in Aladin (full) - text is rather small but hopefully the idea is clear.

If implimented in addition to being able to acheive this via the URL it ought to be in the Python API as well.


Dear John,

thank you for the suggestion! Having the "tag feature" available in ESASky would be very useful for the users and the ESASky Team at whole agreed on putting it into the short term development. Unfortunately we cannot include it in the ESASky v3.1, which is almost ready for the release (maybe before a couple of weeks). But I can tell you that the "tag feature" has been included in the backlog of ESASky v3.2, which is planned to be released this year, just before Summer.

Then, since you mentioned python, let me give you a little anticipation about a new ESASky product related we are working on: pyESASky.

pyESASky is a Jupiter Notebook Widget in which you have access to all the features available already in ESASky web version, plus some extra features, such as the possibility to overlay your own data.

We will try to include the "tag feature" in it before ESASky v3.2 is released.

Many thanks again for your active support to the project!

Kind regards,

Fabrizio, on behalf of the ESASky Team

Hello ESASky,

Is there any progress yet on my suggestion of being able to tag an item of interest ? I guess it might be quite difficult as you use Aladin Lite and I am not sure if this supports this functionality however it would be very useful both when opening ESASky via an (API) URL or else exporting the URL to someone else so they could see the item of interest. Without a tagging feature it is very easy to lose the object you are interested in particually in crowded areas such as the Galactic Plane or galaxies such as M31.


John Murrell

Dear John,

Many thanks for the request, it's useful functionality to add therefore we've added it to our backlog. We will let you know once this has been implemented.

Kind regards,

Debbie, on behalf of the ESASky team