Default views

JareelSkaj 3 years ago updated by Deborah Baines 2 years ago 3

Default view for each wavelength should be the most representative/appealing.

eg. right now if you switch to Radio you get a white blob, pictured below. Until you switch color palette into Native - it stays as a blob. That's super-confusing.

I'd also recommend changing color palette into a drop-down, cause UX-wise it's weird to have 2 selectors in drop-downs and a third one hidden under a button. Initially I thought it's just an icon to signify that a different "select a sky" drop-down will have a different color palletes...

Dear Jareel,

thanks for reporting this issue. Unfortunately, I cannot reproduce it, for me the map is loaded without any issues. Could you please tell us your operative system and browser, so that we can investigate further?