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Chandra X-ray Observatory Style

Andy Pollock 10 months ago updated by Deborah Baines 7 months ago 4

The line style is missing from the Chandra X-ray Observatory Style dialogue box and no field-of-view outlines appear. All the other imaging instruments I've tried are OK.

Hi Andy,

Aha! I was concerned that you had encountered some area where the tiny patch we deployed on September 28th to handle problematic Chandra footprints did not work. Probably you were just using a prior version of ESASky.

In most cases, there are no problems with having ESASky running for a very long time. The resources consumed by ESASky while the tab is not selected are very small. Of course, as with any software system, it is wise to restart now and then, especially when the software is continuously evolving. If there is a new release for example, the files you are using may not be 100% compatible with the new server and database.



Dear Henrik,

Having reloaded ESASky 3.9 in order to take a look at the fixed Duration units, the Chandra FOV outlines were as clear as day. I'll let you know of any future recurrence.

I tend to have ESASky open on my desktop for daily use for days, weeks or months at a time. Does this consume system resources ? Is it wise to start again every so often ?



Hi Andy,

Thanks again for informing us about this issue. I am not able to reproduce this, could you please share some more information to help us track is issue down. Most interesting would be the position and fov where this occurs, but which browser and operating system you are running could also be of interest.  


Henrik Norman on behalf of the ESASky team