Under review

Dynamic overlay symbols for catalogued data

Roland Vavrek 5 years ago updated by anonymous 5 years ago 1

If EsaSky allows to overlay any Vizier or ESDC catalogue by indicating source positions then it would be very useful if symbols can be adapted to catalogued parameter values.

The user shall be able to select an observable like photometry, photometric error, size, shape parameter, ellipticities etc. from the catalogue for which the system auto-scale symbol size and/or symbol colour. This way a single observable parameter could be easily visualised besides the source position. The system shall auto-detect applicable ranges for the area visualised, or the user shall be able to select a range of values on which the symbol size/colour is applied irrespective the area of interest.

This feature shall be generalised to any derived parameter applying simple arithmetics. For instance, symbol size shall be adapted to a range of Parameter_A, where Parameter_A = Column_1+(Column_2/Column_4).

This functionality facilitates decision support for scientist who could benefit of easy and quick visualisation of large databases for taxonomical research, finding spatial correlations of objects with certain observational properties, finding spatial correlations between type of objects and background structure etc.