some useful features that could be added

Oleg Kargaltsev hace 1 año actualizado por Deborah Baines hace 11 meses 3

Geat tool! Improved by a lot lately. However, these would make it even more useful:

1. Being able to adjust the contrast and brightness in of the images in an easy way

2. Allow for Gaussian smoothing of the displayed part of the image

2. Overlay multiwavelength images with different transparency and coloring options.

3. Adding images from new optical/NIR surveys (DEC, PanStarrs, VPHAS+,...)

4. Scale bar (in the angular distance units) in the bottom corner

5. The obvious way to display Simbad objects. Currently, this sort of can be done by clicking "Explore publications..." but this does not look the same as Simbad button to click on

Oleg Kargaltsev

Dear Oleg,

regarding your item 2, since last Friday, November 15, you can use a slider to move through a stack of maps, allowing you to play with the transparency. Please note that you already had the option of changing the colour map by clicking on the rainbow button next to the HiPS name.

Regarding item 4, we have not yet added a scale bar, but in this version you have the possibility to overlay a coordinate grid, and the FoV is now indicated as RAxDEC. We hope this is useful to get a better idea of the scale of the images.

We keep working on the integration of more data and functionalities, hopefully we can fulfil more of your wishes soon.



Dear Oleg,

thank you very much for your feedback! We are already working on some of the things you suggest, and will discuss the rest within the team.