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Dear Nora,

Many thanks for the feedback. We've still to add the XMMOM links to ESASky. I've added this to the backlog and we'll include it as soon as we can in ESASky.

Many thanks,

Debbie, on behalf of the ESASky team

Dear Maria,

Many thanks for your feedback and ideas! Regarding Jupyter notebooks, have you tried the ESASky astroquery module? Information can be found here: https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/esdc/esasky-astroquery-module and here: https://astroquery.readthedocs.io/en/latest/esasky/esasky.html

and we have a couple of videos here: https://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/esdc/esasky-how-to

Sending results from python to ESASky can't yet be done, however we are looking into ways to 'glue' ESASky with Glue (http://glueviz.org/)! And if you're interested in us creating something like a Jupyter widget for ESASky, we'll add this to our backlog? 

Finally, your last point is very interesting and we'd like to work on more interaction between the ESA astronomy archives and ESASky. We've added your feedback to the backlog.

Many thanks!

Debbie, on behalf of the ESASky team 

Dear Daniel,

Many thanks for your suggestion. To help us, can you explain what you'd like to do with the colour maps (HiPS)? Please note that these maps are created more for quick visualisation rather than scientific usage, we recommend the user downloads and uses the FITS images directly for science.

Kind regards,

Debbie, on behalf of the ESASky team.  

Dear John,

Many thanks for telling us about this error. We have corrected it already, please check it again (possibly clear the cache of your browser if you don't see the change).

Thank you for all your testing of ESASky these past days, we really appreciate it (and we'll get back to you on the other issues asap)!

Kind regards,