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An offspring idea from this is that it would be cool to have an interface from one of the popular starwatching apps (e.g., Stellarium or Heavens Above) so people could switch from their simualted view of stars and constellation to a subset of the sky in IR/X-rays/... Maybe this has been treated before.

Hi Bruno,

right now I do not have the kind of example ready, that I would like for a machine interface. We have just started to get serious about this after a lot of interest on such topics at this small workshop which Erik Kuulkers attended.

But maybe in a copuld of weeks, I will have more. The basic idea is to take the basic information (observatory, target coordinates, start/end times), that is published, e.g., in


and have everyone publish this in a standardised, structured format (JSON?) which then could be queried and retrieved for any kind of visualisation and use.