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Thanks for the suggestion Nora. It had always been our intention to have this feature working for all active missions. I have added it to our backlog and will try to prioritize such that it can be useful for the next XMM-Newton AO, which is at the beginning of October this year, right?

Hi Michael! Good, that sounds indeed like an easy solution.. 8) We will document it for future users..

thanks, we will look into this urgently and hopefully we can fix it soon.

Thanks Michael!

I presume you are using a surface touch-like laptop, right? Could you please tell us also the version of the operative system and of the two browsers you mention? Do you have any other browser you could try it with, like e.g. Firefox?

Thanks in advance

Thanks for the request Nora, I have added a ticket to the backlog and will consider it for the next release.

Thanks Belén,

This request is already in the plan so it should be hopefully implemented soon.

Good suggestion Ming, I have added it to our backlog and you will be notified when it is possible.

Dear Becky,

Thanks for the suggestion. It is indeed a great idea and we had thought about it already, although had not really started looking into how to make it possible for real.. I have created an internal action to look into this. You will get an answer once it is operational.


Thanks Becky, these are actually two requests in one.  ;)

I have added both user stories to our backlog and you will be notified when they are available in the operational version.

Thanks Andrew, we have added your suggestion to our backlog. It will be prioritized according to the number of "likes" in this platform plus other technical considerations.