Provide pre-defined target lists when ESASky loads (useful for education)

Belén López Martí 5 years ago updated by Bruno Merín 5 years ago 3

In the educational activities, students sometimes have trouble, and waste a lot of time, downloading the target list from the server and uploading it to ESASky. To simplify this, we could provide the target lists directly when ESASky is loaded, either as a menu in the 'Target list' button, or maybe as part of a permalink.

Hi Belén, your feauture has been implemented and it is now available online with the ESASky 2.1 that we have just released.

There are now two new features that help new users not to get lost when opening ESASky for the first time.

The first one is the "dice" button that will randomly land the user to a nice source in the sky. You can find this button in the left of the screen, together with other buttons.

The second one is closer to what you were asking for. Within the target list panel, recheable by clicking on the "parchment" button close to the dice, we have added a dropdown menu with a list of precomputed list of sources. You don't need to download sample from cosmos anymore, since you can just select one item within the list in the dropdown menu.

For educational activities, we have added for many sources, a description of the object.

I hope you will enjoy this features.


Thanks Belén,

This request is already in the plan so it should be hopefully implemented soon.