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Hello ESASky,

Is there any progress yet on my suggestion of being able to tag an item of interest ? I guess it might be quite difficult as you use Aladin Lite and I am not sure if this supports this functionality however it would be very useful both when opening ESASky via an (API) URL or else exporting the URL to someone else so they could see the item of interest. Without a tagging feature it is very easy to lose the object you are interested in particually in crowded areas such as the Galactic Plane or galaxies such as M31.


John Murrell

Thanks Deborah,

Seems to be fixed from here - observational astronomers rule Ok.



PS It appears to be intermitttent - just tried again and it now appears to be Ok.

Thanks Fab,

It appears to be partially fixed - the original hole has dissapeared however new ones have appeared !! See below. The holes dissapear when you zoom out and reappear when you zoom in. Perhaps the problem with your Content Delivery Network has not been fixed yet ?