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Thanks Belén, those use cases make sense indeed. I have added them to the backlog and will be prioritized according to the likes to this request and other criteria.

Thanks Belén, but this would benefit from a bit more specific user story: what does the user wants to do with a selected region in the sky? visualize it? limit the queries to it? or download all data from it?

Thanks Belén. Good suggestion too. Added to the backlog.

Thanks Belén. Indeed, this request has come already often. I have added it to our backlog.

Thanks Andy!

That is easy enough to fix. We will make these modifications and let you know when they are done.

That exists already: we have an astroquery module in astropy that allows you to do exactly that already. See the documentation here:

and a couple of video tutorials here:

Thanks Pedro!

Understood, certainly a cool use-case. We will let you know when it goes into out planning..



Dear Pedro,

Thanks for the suggestions. We can include them as sub-user-stories for the future feature to allow users to upload their custom Fields of View for observation planning. I would like to understand the flipping though.. what is the usecase there? You have a definition of the instrument but not as projected in the sky?

Thanks, we will keep you posted.


On behalf of the ESDC

Dear Peter,

Jesús just presented the idea and Aitor's presentation at the IVOA interop meeting in Santiago de Chile and it was automatically accepted by all participants. Moreover, the representative from LSST said they want to participate to this development because they have a requirement to make their planning info available to the users somehow and this would allow to do that very easily. All this gives thrust to the idea so we might be able to make more progress soon on it..


Of course, you are right.. I suspected you were actually asking for numerical sorting, rather than alphanumeric sorting.. I move the ticket to open again and will close it is done.