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Hi, I tried to find the Gaia DR2 data of the rho Oph region again today with the link above and it still does not load after many seconds.. Could you please have a look at this? It does not seem to be solved..

Also, It says is it loading the "Gaia DR2 metadata" while I would rather say "Gaia DR2 catalogue" since the catalogue is not metadata but the data in this case.

Thanks! Yes I would actually like to see the spectra from the XMM-Newton sources from the 3XMM-DR7 catalogue as well as the HRC and ACIS spectra, although I understand that you probably have this in the plan anyway..

Thanks again, great work.

Hi Debbie,

Good point! of course.. I was confused for a moment.. indeed. it makes sense how it works..


Thanks Fabrizio,

For your info, I just tested it today out of curiosity and after 30 minutes I still cannot see the sources..

I have firefox 61.0.1 (64-bit) running on a mac os x 10.12.6 (16G1510).



Thanks Belén,

When should I expect to be able to query it? And is there anywhere where I can be notified of disruptions and when should they be over?