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Thanks! Yes I would actually like to see the spectra from the XMM-Newton sources from the 3XMM-DR7 catalogue as well as the HRC and ACIS spectra, although I understand that you probably have this in the plan anyway..

Thanks again, great work.

Hi Debbie,

Good point! of course.. I was confused for a moment.. indeed. it makes sense how it works..


Thanks Fabrizio,

For your info, I just tested it today out of curiosity and after 30 minutes I still cannot see the sources..

I have firefox 61.0.1 (64-bit) running on a mac os x 10.12.6 (16G1510).



Thanks Belén,

When should I expect to be able to query it? And is there anywhere where I can be notified of disruptions and when should they be over?