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Thanks Debbie, that's great, but would it be possible to also search now by Gaia source ID name?

Thanks Debbie !

That's brilliant ! And I just also discovered that I can even find the Kepler time-series from any of these objects in your external TAP feature so great job !

Thanks Debbie,

That's great, but I can still not get to visualise the Gaia catalogue in this region without knowing how to narrow down tremendously the catalogue section. I tried reducing the parallax from the original range to 0 to 0.1 pc, which is ridiculously small already and because of the limitation to go below 4000 sources, I can still see no Gaia sources in the region.. What can I do if I do not know the proper motion of the region but want to visualise it?

Thanks again and congratulations again for the amazing tool, I use it now everyday.

Best wishes,


Brilliant ! Thanks very much !

Thanks Fabrizio,

I just tested this and it now takes 12 seconds, which is better than the 20/25 seconds you mentioned but still too slow for allowing practical for free exploration of the gaia data of different regions..



Hi Sebastien,

I think that the FoV does not change because the image is resized to fit into the new dimensions of the browser window, so it seems correct from my point of view..


Thanks Belén,

That's fantastic! I could spend hours just clicking on that button now! 8D8D



Hi, I tried to find the Gaia DR2 data of the rho Oph region again today with the link above and it still does not load after many seconds.. Could you please have a look at this? It does not seem to be solved..

Also, It says is it loading the "Gaia DR2 metadata" while I would rather say "Gaia DR2 catalogue" since the catalogue is not metadata but the data in this case.