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Wow, nice, that's, really good! Impressive just how fast you've built it! Well done!

What I'm missing the most though is an option to specify view mode and hide certain elements of the UI, such as the initial choose-mode popup, top notification ("We are conducting a short survey in an effort to ensure"...) or the the very top menu.

If you'll compare regular google maps to the iframe - you'll see that it lacks several pieces of the UI.

This allows it to be used comfortably in a small iframes and centres user's attention on the content itself, and not the surrounding navigation.

But honestly - amazing work for such a short amount of time, love that you've even made it support JS events, truly well done, bravo!

Firefox 67.0.4, Windows 10. I just checked, and it works fine on Chrome and Edge

Pardon me, format is documented, under the ? icon next to the header, and it already contains ready-made examples.