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Many thanks for your suggestions. We'll add these to our backlog and let you know once it's possible.

For some information, we'll soon (next few months) be releasing an ESASky python widget, in which you will be able to load ESASky into a Jupyter notebook and then visualise any catalogue (or subset) using astroquery, which includes VizieR!

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Dear John,

The latest version of ESASky now provides range filtering, where you can either type in the range, or use the scroll bar.

We hope this fits your needs.

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Debbie, on behalf of the ESASky team

Dear Becky,

Source 3XMM J215022.4–055108 is now available in SIMBAD.

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Debbie, on behalf of hte ESASky team

Dear Pedro,

It's now possible to resize or minimise both the data panel and the tree map window, and in the next version about to be released, it's possible to move many other windows around. I hope this solves the issue you were having?

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