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Dear Andy,

This is indeed a bug that we are fixing as fast as possible, many thanks for telling us about it! 

If you click on the coordinates shown in the top left, this will change the values to decimal. It wrongly has a degree sign, please ignore, however, the values shown in ESASky are the correct values, in mas/yr, for the proper motions and errors (these columns are wrongly copying the functionality we have for the RA and DEC columns).

We'll let you know when we've fixed this.

Many thanks and best regards!


Dear Bruno,

I'm happy to report that the team fixed this bug and it's working in the current release of ESASky. 

Many thanks and regards,


Dear pgalindo,

We are happy to announce that all catalogues in VizieR (CDS) can now be queried and shown on the sky in ESASky. This of course includes the IRAS and DENIS catalogues (see below images). For more information, please see this page and video on how to use the new features:

Kind regards,


Image 103

Image 104

Dear Pedro,

The latest release of ESASky allows catalogues to be queried with ADQL (which is based on SQL), via the External Data Centres button. Please note, the catalogues in ESASky can also be queried with ADQL if you select the ESASky TAP, and this new feature also includes all tables in VizieR. I wonder if this now meets your needs for an SQL-like filtering capability? 

Please see this page and the video for details on how to query catalogues with ADQL:

Best regards,



Dear Roland,

I'm happy to announce that the latest version of ESASky allows the overlay of catalogues from VizieR (CDS)! All details can be found here:

Kind regards,


Dear Andy,

Many thanks for your suggestion and good to hear from you! Yes, we agree this would be a great feature to add to ESASky and we will include it to our backlog list.

Depending on the catalogue, it may require expert knowledge, or at least feedback from the catalogue experts, since each catalogue and mission provide different types of columns and errors. My question to you is, do you know the columns in the Chandra and XMM catalogues that you would use, or that you are indeed using now, to compute the size of the error region? I see that CSC2 provides columns for the major and minor radius of error ellipse (in arcsec) and the position angle error ellipse (in degrees), however 4XMM-DR12 has different columns.

Many thanks and I’m happy you’re still using ESASky!


Dear Adriano Palenga,

Unfortunately we don't have that functionality at the moment in ESASky but we have it in our list of features to add! 

The closest functionality ESASky currently has is if you right click on the object and select SIMBAD or NED, you'll then be directed to these name resolver websites and can find the name of the objects there. Also, if you load some catalogues in ESASky and click on the source, you'll be shown the name:

Image 102

We'll let you know when object names can be shown in the sky with ESASky.

Many thanks for you feedback and interest in ESASky.

Kind regards,


Dear Bruno, 

Many thanks for reporting the bug. After some investigation the team has discovered that it's related to a publication lacking a title in ADS. We'll work on the issue and let you know when it's fixed.

Best regards,

Debbie, on behalf of the ESASky team

Dear User,

ESASky displays the most recent Gaia Data Release catalogue, currently this is the gaia_source catalogue from Data Release 3 (DR3):  

The Gaia documentation points out the following (see here, section 'Gaia source identifiers': ):

'[...] As explained in previous announcements, there are various reasons why the identifier of a specific source may change or disappear when going from the Gaia DR1 to the Gaia DR2 source list and on to the Gaia DR3 source list. Users of Gaia data should thus be aware that the source list for Gaia DR3 should be treated as independent from Gaia DR2 and from Gaia DR1. With each new Gaia data release, the source list is becoming progressively more stable. [...]' 

Therefore, you may be encountering this problem, you are trying to search for source identifiers in the DR2 gaia_source catalogue that no longer have the same identifier in the DR3 gaia_source catalogue.

I've gone to the Gaia archive ( ) and searched the Gaia DR2 gaia_source table for the 6 source_ids you provide and I can only find four of them, I do not find Gaia DR2 341867587319687808080 nor Gaia DR2 332351565654370895104. I used the following ADQL: 

SELECT source_id, ra, dec FROM gaiadr2.gaia_source
where source_id = 341867587319687808080

Or you can do this from the basic search form if you are not familiar with ADQL and the Gaia archive:

There is also a table in the Gaia archive called gaiaedr3.dr2_neighbourhood, that has both the Gaia DR2 and Gaia E/DR3 names. Looking at this table, and also the coordinates of the DR2 and DR3 sources, I believe the DR3 equivalent source_ids are these (again, I can not find the same two sources Gaia DR2 341867587319687808080 nor Gaia DR2 332351565654370895104) :

Gaia DR2 3347696388965946752 -> Gaia DR3 3347696388966821504

Gaia DR2 3335642026377082496 -> Gaia DR3 3335642030674836992

Gaia DR2 154466544592085888 -> Gaia DR3 154466544593135616

Gaia DR2 3419692199896487680 -> Gaia DR3 3419692204194118272

(I used the following ADQL: 

SELECT * FROM gaiaedr3.dr2_neighbourhood
where dr2_source_id = 3335642026377082496 


And I can confirm these four DR3 source ids are there in ESASky. 

If you need any help with the ESA Gaia archive, please check the FAQs ( or contact our colleagues here:

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with in ESASky and many thanks for using the tool!

Kind regards,

Deborah, on behalf of the ESASky team