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Dear Philip,

This functionality is working for me. Can you tell me what object name you are trying to paste in and also what browser and browser version number you are using so I can try and reproduce the issue? ESASky uses the SIMBAD name resolver, so in theory, any name in SIMBAD should be resolved by ESASky. 

Many thanks,


Dear Becky,

The search field in ESASky finds all astronomical object names that are within the CDS SIMBAD name resolver service. There are TESS and Kepler objects of interest available in SIMBAD which can be found in ESASky, for example: 




TOI 1338

TOI 700

I hope this answers your question or was there a particular example you couldn't find?

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Dear Bruno,

Thank you for reporting this. We are working with the HST team to produce updated HST HiPS and expose them in ESASky as soon as possible.

Kind regards,


Dear Nora,

Yes we agree! We are currently working on this (for all ESA missions in operation), firstly for the mission metadata and footprints, then at a later date on the HiPS that the ESASky team generate. 

We'll let you know when it's ready for testing.

Many thanks and regards,


Dear Karl,

I don't know where you can find DS9 region files for the JWST instrument footprints but I've been advised by JWST colleagues to direct you to the official JWST Helpdesk at STSCI:

If the information isn't there, someone on that helpdesk will be able to answer your question.

Kind regards,